Quilted Tree Skirt


When planning my Christmas decorations in November I thought there was nothing better than to quilt a tree skirt.

I searched high and low for a pattern and came across this Winter Wonderland Pattern and also ordered some Moda Christmas fabric.


The pattern had a choice of clean cut or “wonky” strips and I went with wonky.

I cut all the fabric (fat quarters) and them sewed them to be a certain width an length and then trimmed them to be rectangles and squares. Once I did all that I sewed them in rows and soon had a large square.


The next step was to layer the quilting and to quilt it. I chose to use muslin for the backing as it won’t be seen. If you want to have a reversible one, you could even choose a pretty print or solid fabric. I chose to stitch in the ditch but you could also do a decorative stitch. Once it is quilted, I ironed and cut out a circle in the middle and then a line from the center to one end for the opening. the last step was to sew on the binder and the ribbon for the ties and it was DONE! 🙂



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