Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

This may have been the quilt I had the MOST fun making!

Mickey Mouse

My inspiration for the quilt came from pinterest. I saw this blog and just KNEW I had to re-create this masterpiece for my friend who was expecting as she is an AVID disney fan!  I used a few different patterns I had to create the overall pattern.

I then used my silhouette cameo to cut out the mickey heads in the black fabric.

I cut the black fabric with my silhouette by using an iron-on backing. then sew with a zig zag onto the white fabric. NOTE: I waited until AFTER I had pieced the square it was going on so I would know how to position it. (The pictures below were an example before i pieced the other squares)

IMG_20140627_132413 IMG_20140627_132642

Here is a pieced square:


Next, I lay out the entire quilt and piece it together, add the borders, and get ready to quilt

IMG_20140629_210920 IMG_20140702_210458

Before making the quilt sandwich, I made the quilt backing. I decided to make a striped backing with a combination of all the colors used. This is VERY important to make sure it is done evenly so it doesn’t look slanted after you quilt.


For the quilting, I did free motion around the Mickey Mouse heads each separately.

IMG_20140709_223948 IMG_20140709_223926

Then, I did free motion throughout the rest of the quilt being careful not to overlap the Mickey heads. Also, did stitch in the ditch on the borders.

IMG_20140712_115006 IMG_20140712_115044

Here is the final product:

DSCN2795 DSCN2797




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