War Damn Eagle – Log Cabin Quilt

I made this Auburn Inspired Circle Log Cabin quilt for my Mother-in-Law.


I drew it out on a piece of paper with the correct colors in order to get the “look” correct!


I had fun going “Quilt Shop Hopping” locally to find a lot of Navy and Orange fabrics! I wanted a large variety of patterns and combinations.

IMG_20140921_204817 IMG_20141004_164044

The next step was to cut everything needed. I cut multiple of each size of each color and just kept them laid out as I was piecing. I didn’t work too hard to match them up correctly, but I did just make sure that on each block, there were no duplicates.


It is VERY important with a log cabin pattern to square up the block after each addition or two. It is also important to use a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance, to have room for trimming.

IMG_20141123_204141 IMG_20141123_181604 IMG_20141123_193746

I used the Bandana Auburn fabric for the backing and stipple effect for the quilting.

DSCN3261 DSCN3263

DSCN3257 DSCN3258 DSCN3265 DSCN3263

My Auburn-loving MIL LOVES it!


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