Wedding Bliss Table Runner

I made the following table runner for a dear friend of mine, Haelie, for her wedding gift. Teals/Aqua/beige/tan is really in right now and I wanted quilting fabric that was comparative to burlap. I found some good beige fabrics that went great!

I used this Reversible Table Runner pattern with the chevron on one side and the strips of fabric on the back.

Here is a picture of all the fabrics I purchased to use in the table runner

IMG_1005 IMG_1024

After cutting all the squares for HST and strips for the back, i had to sew them all together and arrange them.

IMG_1029 IMG_1030 IMG_1027

For the batting, I used a heat-safe batting that is used in pot holders but is designed to protect the furniture against hot dishes. The batting only comes in specified sizes, so i had to sew two pieces together. To do so, you overlap the two piece slightly, then use a rotary cutter and ruler to trim. This creates a joining seam that is perfect. Next you line up the two pieces next to each other and with a wide zig zag stitch that is set to the shortest stitch length you sew them together. You do NOT overlap them! you could not tell it was two pieces after being quilted either.

DSCN3371 DSCN3372

I pin basted then did a stipple design for the quilting.

DSCN3373 IMG_1090

Here is the final product!

IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1475


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