Nascar T-Shirt Quilt – For Lacey

This was a very personal and emotional quilt for me to make. My dad passed away when I was 21 and my half sister inherited a couple boxes of his old racing T-shirts. He worked for Nascar so he had boxes among boxes of shirts that he had from previous racing seasons. She asked that I make a quilt from these shirts for her.

Here is the layout of the shirts before they were cut.


Since most shirts had a lot of red, black, and white in them, I decided to use those colors for my accent fabrics. I chose to add another row and instead of adding 4 more T-shirts, I shopped for 4 fabrics to add in as other squares! I thought about using the checkered flag on the back, but since this is for a girl (while she is not super girly-girl) i chose the houndstooth in black as a feminine comparison to the checkered flag.


I used a Grey on Grey chevron for the sashing with small logos from the front of the shirts in the corners. Also, the grey cornerstones in the middle are pieces of a grey shirt.

Here is the quilt topper completed. T-shirts are NOT fun to deal with even with an interfacing!


Meanwhile, she also sent me some sweatshirts and I wanted to do a small project with them. I did go out and purchase the checkered flag fabric for the back of these. I put a heavier interfacing on both the sweatshirt material and the checkered flag material to give these pillows more structure. I did not use a pillow form since these were not standard size pillows.

IMG_0815 IMG_0816 IMG_0977 IMG_0978

For the quilting, I did a 1/8 of an inc on either side of the seams around each block. I also added in a small “x” in the center of each T-shirt block. For the 4 fabric blocks, I quilted inside of them with the stipple design. I also quilted in the outer border with the stipple design.

The last step is always the most gruesome for me. It is not my favorite thing to do to hand bind a quilt, but I LOVE the look of it afterwards! I chose a red fabric for the binding to break up all of the dark grey and blacks.


And here we go!






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